Period property masonry consultants

BEFORE-------late 18th century farm workers cottage- modern fire insert

The removal of the 20th century fireplace reveals an inglenook, now restored.

With over 30 years experience working with masonry ,from 16th century cottages to scheduled buildings through to bespoke modern construction, we have a  wealth of practical skill and knowledge of traditional approaches to building.

Membership  of the Guild of Master Craftsmen demonstates that we are professional regarding the quality of our workmanship and customer service.

Our work takes us to some of the most beautiful houses and  historic buildings, from the very grand to period labourers cottages, it is always a privelidge to be a part of the process that ensures these properties are professionally  maintained for the future.

 Our input can be  in a practical conservation or restoration context, or as consultants in the use of lime mortars, traditional materials and techniques.

We fully suscribe to the ‘minimal intervention’ and conservation policies among others  promoted by English Heritage and The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings,  though there are of course situations where sympathetic restoration based upon our experience and the use of the clues within the building as a guide , is the most satisfactory approach.

Conservation of our architectural heritage is a key feature of our work , but where restoration and also  the sensitive addition of a more contemporary element to a period home is required, we have the experience to approach the project with confidence.

Our consultancy offers clients an insight into the (often overlooked) features of their homes that reveal its story through time. We can advise on the type of lime mortar to use, which brick/masonry will suit best and where to source it, particular styles of construction and feature brickwork such as arches, daiper work ,indents etc.

We also provide a survey of your home ,taking in the many clues to dating,using the style of timbers, beams, fireplaces and traditional construction techniques to help build up a picture of the property as it has evolved through time.Very often we will identify ‘hidden ‘features that can be revealed and celebrated as part of the house once more.

We  advise on the effective and safe removal of unsympathetic ‘additions’, drawing up a design that will  enhance the property by removing offending elements and creating a bespoke design or a restored feature that blend seamlessly into the period home.

Initial consultaion costs you only the time of an e-mail or telephone call and should we be commissioned our rates are very competetive, so if you want to find out a little more about some of the ‘secrets’ of your period home, or perhaps discuss with no obligation, the implications of having some work done, do get in touch with Steve Hills.